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Yukon Fitness GHD Review – An Essential Home Gym Machine

Functionally, the core muscles are the most important component of the human body.  They keep us upright as we get from point A to B.  They help us lift, they help us sit, they help us push and pull.  This Yukon Fitness GHD review will discuss why the Yukon Fitness GHD is one of the ultimate core conditioners.

Going Hard Core

The core muscles, contrary to popular belief, are more than your six-pack abs.  Those globo-gym goofballs with washboard abs and zero core strength may be nice to look at, but they aren’t ready to be refugees yet.  If you’re part of the RefuGym movement, you know that there’s more to being fit, functional and fast than looking pretty in a mirror.

Of course, that comes with the territory as an added perk to being a globo-gym refugee.

To get a strong core is simple: lift heavy things, frequently, and train your body as a whole.  If you’re here, you already know that isolation exercises are for the birds.  To train your core as a whole requires targeting while not targeting.  This means we can target our core muscles without isolating them.

Rise of the Machines

While the RefuGym doesn’t always speak too highly about “machines,” (because SkyNet is a real threat), there are a select few tools that every globo-gym refugee should have in their toolbox.  One of these is a glute & hamstring developer.

Sometimes referred to as a hyperextension bench, or “Roman Chair,” these simplistic gadgets help us engage our entire anterior and posterior chains, using dynamic, multi-muscular movements.

Unfortunately, the globo-gym big-brothers (GGBB) want us to keep coming back to their overpriced gyms, and so the majority of these machines are priced for royalty.  As a refugee, you are not royalty… nor do you want to be.  This is why the only hyperextension/glute-ham developer that we at the RefuGym endorse is the Yukon Fitness Hyperextension Glute/Ham Developer (aka Yukon GHD).

As one of the first tools to adorn the RefuGym, other than our much adored Concept2 Model D Indoor Ergometer (aka the “OH MY GOD THIS IS THE GREATEST INVENTION EVER!” Machine), the Yukon GHD gets our bodies working more than almost any other tool.

Smoking the Competition

Ignore the overpriced York, Rogue and other GHD’s that are targeted to large, non-refugee gyms, and cater to a clientele that wants to pay to get fit (rather than WORK to get fit).  The Yukon GHD is priced much cheaper than much of its competition, but maintains all of the same functionality.

When we first started working with a GHD, we thought about what features were really necessary.  We compared some of the high-end machines to the Yukon entry, and found no real discernable difference between functionality as it would relate to price point.  Don’t pay money just for a brand name… buy what you need to be functional, fit and fast.

The Yukon Fitness GHD fits this bill perfectly.

The machine assembles quickly.  The welds are solid, and the parts are heavy gauge steel, as per the Yukon spec site.  Importantly, Yukon is still a trusted brand in the fitness equipment world.  It’s not a knock-off like several of the cheaper products, and so it carries with it the reliability of a higher-class manufacturer with the price point of a bargain brand.

Yukon Fitness GHD Review: A Machine That Says “I work out”

We at RefuGym have used the Yukon GHD for 10 years and have only great things to say about it.  It is the focal point of many of our workouts and the original RefuGym has an entire corner dedicated to it.

Some of the exercises you can do on a quality Glute/Ham Developer are:

  • Hip-extensions
  • Back-extensions
  • Combo Hip-Back extensions
  • Hyper-extension sit-ups
  • Weighted hypers
  • Medicine ball toss & catch

The Yukon GHD is adjustable to fit various body types and sizes.  It can accommodate anyone from a fully-fledged refugee to a fledgling escapist.

When you are building your own RefuGym, we strongly recommend a quality glute & ham developer like the one made by Yukon Fitness.  It shouldn’t be the only machine you own, or your only fitness tool.  But it’s easily one of the most effective builders of core strength in your RefuGym arsenal… and for good reason.

Check it out and let us know what you think of it!

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