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Fitness Wrist Wraps Review: WODies and Rogue Fitness Wrist Wraps

In the world of functional fitness, few things are as symbolic as the kipping pull-up and the power clean.  They’re functional, they’re unique, they’re dynamic and they’re effective at building total body coordination, power generation and metabolic conditioning.  Fitness wrist wraps and hand protectors can offer you the peace of mind you need by providing you with added wrist support and hand protection during heavy lifts and high repetition lifts.

One of the famed hallmarks of a functional fitness enthusiast has been torn calluses.  It’s almost a rite of passage.  You haven’t mastered the kipping pull-up until you’ve torn some skin and left some blood on the bar.  Ok, that doesn’t sound too hygienic, but it should still be pretty motivating…

But we’re all about working harder and smarter.  It’s one thing to augment your workouts with the occasional assist to get over a plateau (think assistance bands on a pull-up bar).  It’s another to cheat by providing yourself with a “handicap,” giving you a leg up, and making you feel like you’re progressing more than you actually are.

If there’s one thing you should be while working towards total body fitness, it’s honest with yourself.  Don’t cheat and don’t skimp.

That being said, there’s a difference between cheating and, as mentioned above, working smarter.  If you tear your hands up, you’re looking at days, if not weeks off of the pull-up bar to let your hands recover.  If you haven’t torn a callous on your hand yet, you’ll see why.  They can take forever to heal because your hands are always in motion.  And depending on how thick they are, they can actually be quite serious if they tear, exposing you to infection, scarring, and other nasties.

Fitness Wrist Wraps and Why You Need Them

This is why we are completely in favor of fitness wrist wraps and straps when you are doing high repetition movements like kipping pull-ups, muscle-ups or even power lifts like deadlifts and cleans.  Fitness wrist wraps come in various types.  Some are designed to protect your hands, and others are designed to protect your wrists.


WODies Hand ProtectorsFor hand and palm protection we love WODies.  These bad boys perform like few other fitness wrist wraps.  They absorb friction and don’t feel like you’re wearing an extra layer as much as other models.  After thousands of pull-ups (more than maybe we should admit), we have yet to have any wear or injuries related to these wraps.

WODies come as a two part product with both a wrist support and a palm protector.  They are ideal for workouts with multiple exercises, and keep you from having to switch between accessories or buy multiple products.  The palm protector easily prevents hand tears, keeping you able to workout longer.  The added bonus of the wrist supports means you can transition quickly to heavy lifts.

These are an awesome product.  Click here to buy yourself some WODies at Amazon.

Standalone Fitness Wrist Wraps

If you’re not too keen on the look and feel of the WODies, then you may want some dedicated wrist wraps.  The WODies are first and foremost hand protectors.  So if you’re an avid lifter and really want the security of added wrist support, we recommend a dedicated set of wrist wraps/supports.  Our very favorite wrist wraps are from Rogue Fitness.  The Rogue Fitness “Crossfit Wrist Wraps” are a solid product.  There aren’t many bells and whistles to them, but they are well manufactured by a quality company.

As we’ve always said, we promote products based on efficacy as much as possible.  We recognize value and we recognize products that work for what they’re built to do.  These wraps are one of those products.

Rogue Fitness Wrist WrapsThey come in multiple colors, and if you’re in the market for some dedicated wrist wraps, click here to pick up a pair.

Wrist wraps serve the purpose of offering wrist support primarily during heavy lifts.  Ultimately it comes down to safety.  They won’t necessarily increase your max lift, but they will offer you additional support while breaking plateaus and setting PR’s.  Die hard old schoolers will insist that any thing of this sort is cheating, including waist belts, but we disagree.  It’s a fine line and it must be toed, but not crossed.

Our philosophy is you should use the tools that help you progress as naturally as possible, using as much of your own strength and technique as possible.  It’s true that too much assistance can lead to poor habits, bad form, and additional problems.  Just like supplements you should assist your workouts as smartly and safely as possible.  You should rely on yourself before you rely on equipment for assistance.

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